Induction Warming and Cooking

Catertherm offer a wide range of high-quality induction cooking and warming units that are manufactured in South Korea by DIPO Induction. DIPO have an extremely wide range of induction cooking and warming units, including an invisible under counter induction warmer and a fantastic tabletop 13A induction cooker. DIPO have over 20 years manufacturing experience and impressively they manufacture their own induction coils, this gives their units very good reliability. With an impressive list of references from high end hotels, to worldwide fast food chains, DIPO are the global leader for induction cooking and warming.

Built In and Invisible Induction Warmer

BKUW – 500w Undercounter Invisible Induction Warmer

NBKW – 400w Induction Warmer with Separate Control

BKTW – 400w Touchscreen Induction Warmer

Built In Induction Cooker

NBK26 – 2600w Induction Cooker with Separate Control

BKT18 – 1800w Touchscreen Induction Cooker

BKT26 - 2600w Touchscreen Induction Cooker

Tabletop Induction Cooker

TCK26 – 2600w Tabletop Induction Cooker

DPCW26 – 2600w Tabletop Induction Wok