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Hands up, who wants an ice cream?

July is designated ice cream month, a ritual started in the USA (where else?) in 1994 by President Reagan and quickly adopted by the International Ice Cream Association (yes, there really is such an Organisation) To be honest, we don’t care who started it, we just love ice cream. And it seems we are not alone. Last year, we spent almost £1b on ice cream (that’s about 9 litres per person) in the UK alone, […]

What is stir fried ice cream and will customers wait 30 minutes for it?

  Anyone visiting Asia will no doubt have experienced the excitement of ‘street theatre’ catering. A trend that that been steadily growing in the UK The Japanese concept of ‘hibachi’ cooking or ‘Front cooking’ has been popular with Western diners since the mid-60’s, when the first Benihana restaurant opened in New York. Until then, the concept of chefs taking Centre stage and cooking food in front of the customers was largely unheard of and even […]