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Posted on 21st August 2019
We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with WineFit, the high quality wine preservation and dispensing equipment manufacturer from Milan. WineFit enable you and your customers to offer a huge range of wines by the glass. This market leading equipment stores and dispenses wine at the perfect temperature, at precise measures, resulting in increased profits, reduced waste and increase customer satisfaction. Wine is preserved with the system, meaning a fine bottle of wine can


Posted on 9th August 2019
Sweden. The land of the Midnight sun and home of the Sauna, Saab and Smorgasbord. I suppose I could also have included Ikea and Tetra Pack but they don’t begin with the letter S. Unlike ‘Staychill’ Made in Sweden since 2004, this is a revolutionary freezer display tray that keeps a smorgasbord, and any other chilled buffet, for that matter, fresh and tasty and on display for up to 3 hours after freezing. With a
It’s summer. It’s hot and it’s ice cream month. A perfect combination, therefore, for customer-facing caterers to dazzle potential customers with a unique experience – stir ‘fried’ ice cream street theatre. Like most things, the concept is not new. It’s been a favourite in Thailand for many years where it is known as ‘I-Tim-Pad’. It has now quickly spread across the USA and Europe, thanks to the sharing of mobile phone video by enthralled visitors.
Retailers are constantly looking at ways of making the customer experience more exciting and relevant in a bid to compete with the surge in online shopping. Bars and clubs are also constantly looking at ways of clawing customers back from the increase in the ‘stay home’ offering from supermarkets and TV streaming services. Some of this is achieved with media advertising, social media campaigns or in-store point of sale promotion. The problem is how do you
Offering an in-house buffet service has always been seen as an industry panacea when catering for large and / or flexible diners. Hotel guests who require an early breakfast, travel groups working to a strict schedule or simply a cost – effective alternative to the plated or ‘sit down’ diner. A buffet system certainly offers increased versatility but can also be ‘counter – productive’ if unplanned. For example, what if everyone decides to head to

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