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The ice cream dessert, phone cameras were made for.

It’s summer. It’s hot and it’s ice cream month. A perfect combination, therefore, for customer-facing caterers to dazzle potential customers with a unique experience – stir ‘fried’ ice cream street theatre. Like most things, the concept is not new. It’s been a favourite in Thailand for many years where it is known as ‘I-Tim-Pad’. It has now quickly spread across the USA and Europe, thanks to the sharing of mobile phone video by enthralled visitors. […]

Putting the pizzazz back into retailing.

Retailers are constantly looking at ways of making the customer experience more exciting and relevant in a bid to compete with the surge in online shopping. Bars and clubs are also constantly looking at ways of clawing customers back from the increase in the ‘stay home’ offering from supermarkets and TV streaming services. Some of this is achieved with media advertising, social media campaigns or in-store point of sale promotion. The problem is how do you […]