16 Grid Combination Oven

With its reversible fan and steam generator, the 16 grid combination oven ensures perfect baking and cooking results every time. A door hinging on the left hand side and roll-in trolley with cassette rack makes it the perfect fit for your kitchen. Preheat the oven up to 300C for a range of cooking options, from baking to cooking to steaming and everything in between.


The 16 grid combi oven comes with a timer function with current time, date and timer and a cool to touch door, ensuring safety in even the busiest of kitchens. Easily clean the oven with its detachable door seal and stainless steel cabinet and oven chamber. Various voltages help you to get perfect results every time. If you need any more information on this product, or would like quotations, please get in touch with our sales office sales@catertherm.com or 0044 (0) 1636 679415.


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Dimensions & Weight Capacity Specification - Electric Oven
Width 899 mm
Tray size 1/1 GN
Voltage 3 NAC 400 V
Height - table model 1055 mm
Number of racks:
Wattage 18 kW
Height with stand 1492 mm
65 mm distance 10
Current 26 A
Depth (excl. handle) 831 mm
85 mm distance 8
Water connection 3/4” outside
Weight 190 kg
Portions 150
Drain Ø 50 mm outside